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Laser Cutting

K&V Services offers a variety of manufacturing services to help meet the demands of our customers. Our fiber laser provides precision cutting capabilities up to 1" thick plate for steel and up to 3/4" thick in aluminum. The fiber laser offers cleaner cuts than traditional plasma tables, as well as quicker cycle times- resulting in quicker turnaround time for you, our customer! 


  • 4kW Fiber Laser

  • 60" x 120" dual beds

  • 1" steel capabilities

  • 3/4" aluminum capabilities

  • 1/2" stainless capabilities

our fiber laser
our fiber laser in action
cut and formed parts


our press break
cut and formed parts

K&V Services offers manufacturing services in metal forming. This service leaves no worry of inconsistently formed parts due to our CNC and four axis press brake. We provide quality inspections to ensure all parts meet the customers' needs.


  • 220T Press Brake

  • 13-1/2' bed

  • 1/4" mild steel plate can be formed full length of bed

  • CNC inputs

  • 4-axis configuration


K&V Services maintains Canadian Welding Bureau (CWB) certifications in order to provide quality welding for our customers who require international standards. We offer GMAW, SMAW, and GTAW processes with certifications from 1G to 6G. With welding supervisors on staff to help maintain testing and ensure quality standards are being held. 

cwb logo
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